Ours to Enjoy ... Ours to Protect

Notes from Council:

Council held its regular September meeting on Saturday, September 10.  Some things we are working on which may be of interest to residents are listed below:

1.  Check the August minutes if you have any questions about the implications of the National Building Code on construction you may be planning.  

2.  Plans for Phase 3 expansion to the Storage Lots are progressing. Some tentative plans have been made in preparation for a call for tenders.  

3.  We will be attempting to improve drainage around the Phase 2 Storage Lots.  Initially we will work on the southeast corner, with further work taking place when Phase 3 is under construction.  We will also attempt to improve drainage on the North Road to get water draining to the culvert at the corner with North Place. 

4.  While cleaning the public storage compound, it was noticed that, once again, there are trailers with out-of-date tags.  Please talk to Joe about renewing these tags.  

Moreover, it appears that some of these units have not moved in years.  For example, tires have disintegrated on some and there are other items which are broken or obviously don't work.  The compound is not intended to be a 'boneyard', so we are asking residents to find some other solution outside of Echo Bay for these items.  We plan to talk directly to the owners of items which we know are not being used in the hope that we can free up space in the compound.

5.  The dock at the boat launch will be taken out on the October long weekend.   

#23  fish shack red tag

#35  trailer with tires on it

No # old red boat; tires flat

#25 old trailer with skidoo

Green tag valid

Red tag not valid

Neil + Ted + Manfred = Storage Compound Clean up!