Building Inspector

Chris Gates 306 229-6916

A Guide to the Building Permit Process for Cottages and Storage Lots

1.  If you are building anything larger than an 8 ft. by 8 ft. garden shed, in the Resort Village of Echo Bay, you need a building permit.  This is a guide to walk you through the process. 

2.  If you have an old building to demolish or remove, you need to apply for a demolition/removal permit. 

Click on Application for Permit to Demolish or Move a Building FORM C to Bylaw 2-2006.

Please fill out the form and submit, it, along with a refundable permit fee of $700, to our administrator, at:

Resort Village of Echo Bay

Box 130

Shell Lake, SK S0J 2G0

3.  To begin the building permit process, you need to fill out the Application for Building Permit FORM A to Bylaw 2-2006. 

Fill it out as completely as possible.  If there are sections that do not apply to your construction project please put "NA" on that line.  

4.  Please include blueprints of the proposed building with you permit application.

5.  Please provide a diagram of how the building will fit on your lot and what the exact setbacks from the property lines will be. 

For the minimum setbacks for buildings on lake lots please refer to Set Back Requirements.

Setbacks on storage lots are a minimum of two feet from all four sides of the storage lot.

​6. Cost of the permit application will be based upon the Building Permit Bylaw No. 1-2006.

Do not submit any payment with your permit application.  The Resort Village will send you an invoice after we receive your completed permit application. 

7.  Please mail the completed building permit, along with all requested material, to our administrator at:

Resort Village of Echo Bay

Box 130 

Shell Lake, SK S0J 2G0

8.  Upon receiving your completed building permit application for construction on cottage lots, the information is submitted to our building inspector,  He may have further requests for changes to your proposed building.  After these requests are met and the setbacks on the proposed buildings are approved, the permit will be given final approval from Council.  You can then begin building.  It is important to note that these building permits are only passed at regular council meetings.  We only have ten meetings per year, so please submit building permit requests well in advance of when you would like to begin building.   

9.  Any further question can be directed to our administrator at