​​8/2015      A Bylaw to Amend Bylaw 2-87 The Zoning Bylaw

4/2014     A Bylaw to Ensure the Peace and Quiet of All Residents of RVEB

3/2014     A Bylaw to Prohibit Dogs Running At Large

2/2014     A Bylaw to Establish an Emergency Response Plan

1/2014     Provide for the Amount of a Base Tax

1/2013    Provide for the Amount of a Base Tax

1/2011    Amount of a Base Tax

1/2009    Amendment to 2/98 The Resort Village of Echo Bay Zoning Bylaw

9/2010    A Bylaw to Provide for Entering into an Agreement with Other Municipalities for the Purpose of Establishing Regional Fire Department #2

12/2005    Minimum Notice Requirements

4/2004    Safe, Courteous and Responsible Use of ATV's within the Village

3/2004    Amount of Tax Base

2/2004    Provide for Short Term Borrowing

1/2004    Discount for Prompt Payment of Current Taxes

1/1999    Dispense with the Mailing of Assessment Notices

3/1999    Borrowing Bylaw

1/1998    Amend Bylaw 1-87 Basic Planning Statement

1/1997    Regional Library

1/1994    Entering into an Agreement with the Parkland District Health Board

1/1991    Weight Restriction on a Bridge Located on Lakeshore Drive

4/1990    Establish an Emergency Measure Organization

3/1990    Control the Collection, Storage and Disposal of Liquid Wastes

2/1990    Discount for the Prompt Payment of Current Taxes

2/1989    Discount for the Prompt Payment of Current Taxes

1/1989    Permanent Closure of a Street

9/1988    Provide for the Creation of a Recreation Board

8/1988    Amend Zoning Bylaw 2-87 - Zoning Bylaw

7/1988    Provide for the Permanent Closure of a Street

1/1988    Amend Bylaw 6-87 to Allow a Discount for the Prompt Payment of Current Taxes

6/1987    A Discount for the Prompt Payment of Current Taxes

5/1987    Provide for a Penalty on Tax Arrears

4/1987    Creating a Capital Trust Fund

3/1987    Creating a Volunteer Fire Department

2/1987    Zoning Bylaw

Amendment to Bylaw 2-87, Zoning Bylaw

1-87     RVEB Basic Planning Statement

3-86        Interim Development Control

2-86        Fire Protection Services

1-85        Road Closure

3-84        Snowmobiles

2-84        Firearms

1-84        Traffic Violations